Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hey....its me..

1. Starting time: 10.50 pm.
2. Current song: Dari angan yang tewas, by Private Whizz
3. Name: asni
4. Sisters: Kaq Long, Kaq Ja, Kaq Na, Mok Tie, Sis Nor..n me..
5. Brothers: I hv 4 Eld bros+1 Youn bro = Abg Ju, Abg Rie, Abang, Akie n my lil bro Modie
6. Height: 168cm or 5' 6'
7. Weight: 57.5kg, 58kg, 59kg (plus n get the average..ha3)
8. Where do you live: Kuala Terengganu, The city where natures embrace heritage (promote Cuti2 Malaysia..hee)
9. Have you ever been on a plane: not yet..but, this june..ill fly to S’wak
10. Swam in the ocean: Of course, yes.
11. Fallen asleep at school: so far, not yet..(cam tipu jer kan..)but..its true…
12. Fell off your chair: Yup..when I was sixteen..kawan TERtarik my chair tanpa niat.. (harap betul la ek…n bukan konspirasi semata-mata..)
13. Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call: So far, never.
14. Saved e-mails: Of course (easier to send e-invitation wedding day..perhaps..hehe)
15. What is your room like: For me.. In my own little corner.. In my own little bed..keh3..THE BEST port n spot in my my Ca08 room)
16. What’s right beside you: a cute polka dot box.. [I bought it@Hock Kee Seng, GB..(the popular market among IpgmKDRI’s student..hi3)]
17. What is the last thing you ate: Breakfast+Lunch..(adat makan geng PPS..sarapan ngan lunch skali..kul 9.15am lak tu) nasi putih+sayur cendawan+ayam masak merah+kentang pedas..such a weird combination..huh..?
18. Ever had...Chicken pox?: So far..nope..
19. Sore throat: Awal tahun ni..sbb kurang minum air..
20. Broken nose: nope..
21. Do you believe in love at first sight: ummm..yes, no, not sure cuz i have no experience in love at first sight.
22. Like picnics?: yup..of course..picnics is recreation..
23. Who was/were...The last person you danced with: aerobic dance wit classmates, farah n dila..(also from Geng PPS..=D)
24. Last person made you smile: ntah.
25. You last yelled at: Syazwan, our x-KU.. “Wann…stop it..!.. Yuck..!”
26. Today did you...Talk to someone you like?: hmm.. Yup..!?
27. Kissed anyone: Nope..!
28. Get sick?:
29. Talk to an ex: 2 days ago..
30. Miss someone: Nope..umm yes..ummm…No no no..
31. Who do you really hate: selfish person , smoker..bCuz..ill b da secondary smoker..hate…hate…hate dat...
32. Do you like your hand-writing: sometimes yes..sometimes no..
33. Are your toe nails painted: No..
34. Whose bed other than yours would you rather sleep in: My bro’s bed..
35. Are you a friendly person: Yes..depends on the situation too..
36. Do you have any pets: Nope..
37. Do you sleep with the TV on: nope..
38. What are you doing right now: mengadap objek berbentuk segi empat..~
39. Can you handle the truth: Yes.
40. Are you closer to your mother or father: mum
41. Do you eat healthy: Yesss…!
42. Do you still have pictures of you & your ex: umm..yes…
43. Are you loud or quiet most of the time: loud.. ‘rege’ org tganu kate…
44. Are you confident: for certain situation.
45. 5 things I am 10 years ago:

1. Dalam kelas 5Melati..kelas kedua terpandai..keh3..
2. xBerape cerdik kira2..selalu kene sakat ngan cgu math..
3. Suke benor g mandi sungai senyap2 ngan kwn sekampung..
4. Rapat sgt2 ngan bestfriend dunia akhirat, Nik Suria Nik Abdullah..
5. Baru nk kenal erti hidup..persahabatan...

46. 5 things I would do if I were a billionaire:

1. Buy new clothes, shoes, sandals, a set of makeup stuff by MAC, tudung cantek2
2. Give ¼ of money to my mum..
3. Bagi RM5O pada semua kaum kerabat ku tak kire muda@tua..lam sampul merah..hehe
4. Business
5. RM500 000 will b gven to brader Akie.

47. 5 of my bad habits

1. Malas pegang hp kecuali keluar rumah.
2. Selalu nak conquer mouse dgn kawan bila depan laptop.
3. On9 lama, 12 jam pun masih tegar..haha..(depends pd hari)
4. Isi lain kali..

48. 3 places I've lived/living
49. Do you have a person that you wanna see? : Yes..=)
50. End time: 11.16pm

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