Thursday, December 31, 2009

I'm signing into new year again.

Well the year is nearly over, and a new one will soon be beginning. So I'd like to take this opportunity to wish you, all my friends, classmates, new friends, old friends, real friends n my virtue friends...... a HAPPY NEW YEAR..may your dreams come trough in 2010..

Dear friends..!

Thank you for standing by me ois♫♪ , for listening to me talk non-stop(especially to my BFFs) for the continuous support , for the healthy friendship (classmates, virtue friends)

...and most importantly....
thank you to all of you..for coming and coloured my life..hee..


To myself :

These are my common resolution n mission that i want to achieve for 2010..
♣ try 1-2 recipe a week..(in order to complete myself wit pakej masak2..ahaha..)
♣ focus more on my stdy..
♣ eat properly..just continue my healthy eatingg..
♣read 1-2books a month..
♣get driving lesence..!
♣do anaerobic workout (mybe stair exercise..)
♣jogginggg for my jantung..and stamina..
♣n be a better person of cuz..
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Dat's all~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

and again...i would like to wish..Happy new Year to everyone..may this 2010 brings us happiness..lots of smile..lots of love..
See ya next year...!!!

p/s : in hyperactive mood


Anonymous said...

happy new year to my dearest friend..
may allah bless you always.. =)

peri2djeju said...

thank u anonymous..
alangkah indah kalau ku tau siapa kamu..heehee..

nway thank u soo much for da wish.. =)

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